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How to call abroad from mobile

Make cheap international calls from mobile. No need to change your phone company and no hidden fees !
  Use GlooboVoIP from all mobile devices and tablets, as follows:

This is the most direct and easiest way to use GlooboVoIP. Use a National Call-All Number or Dedicated National Number.

  • National Call-All Number
    It’s a national landline number that you can use to call all your international contacts. Check here to find the National Call-All Number for your country. How does it work? It’s easy! Just dial the National Call-All Number, an automatic exchange will ask you to dial the international number with the country code and you will be immediately connected to your contact. How much does it cost? Our rates start at 1 cent a minute to call the USA, China and many other countries worldwide. Check our rates here. Easy, isn’t it?

    Try for free now!
    You can try for free now without signing up. Dial the National Call-All Number in this chart and try the quality of GlooboVoIP for free now!

  • Dedicated National Number
    We will assign a Dedicated National Number to your contact.

    How does it work?
    Sign up for free and then you can add your first contact , as you see below:

    After you’ve clicked on ADD, your contact will be assigned a Dedicated National Number.

    In this example, the contact was assigned 02033269301 as her Dedicated National Number. From now on, instead of dialing 001237567890123 to talk to Marialuisa in USA, all you’ll have to do is dial 02033269301. The international number 001237567890123 (USA) will answer and the call will only cost you 1 cent a minute.

    Depending on your phone plan, you might have to add the cost of the national call to GlooboVoIP rates.
Configuration instructions for Android and iOS

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can download GlooboVoIP’s App from Apple’s App Store.

Find out more If you have an Android device, you can download our App from the Google Play store.    Find out more
Callback works as follows: write your mobile number including the international country code (sender) and the number you want to call (receiver). GlooboVoIP will dial both numbers and put you in touch. Easy, isn’t it?

You can make a FREE call now:
  • From this page

    1 - Select your Country and write your mobile number



    2 - Write the number you want to call, with international country code

  • Sending a text message from your mobile
    This solution allows you to call Worldwide by simply sending a text message!

    It’s easy: all you have to do is send an SMS to +393424130040 with the word CALL and the number you want to call. GlooboVoIP will call you back immediately and you’ll be able to talk to your contact at the most inexpensive rates!

    • Write an SMS with the word CALL and the number you want to call including the international country code. (Example: CALL "international country code" "number you want to call")
    • Send it to +393424130040
    • GlooboVoIP will call you within a few seconds, answer and press any key to accept the call
    • You will be put in touch with the number you wrote in your SMS

    A lot! You’ll save more than 50% compared to a call directly made through your phone company. This is an example of how much a 10-minute call with Callback SMS costs from an Italian mobile that’s in UK and wants to call the USA:

    StepCost for each step in Euro (VAT included)Total cost in Euro VAT included (10 minutes of conversation)
    Send text message to +393424130040€ 0€ 0
    GlooboVoIP call to sender: Italian mobile€ 0,045€ 0,45
    International roaming costs when abroad€ 0€ 0
    GlooboVoIP call to receiver: USA mobile€ 0,01€ 0,10
    TOTAL COST OF CALL VAT INCLUDED€ 0,55 for 10 minutes of conversation
    (only 5,5 cents a minute!)

    • The call to the receiver is calculated with GlooboVoIP’s low cost rates;
    • The sender gets a 25% discount on GlooboVoIP’s inexpensive rates;
    • The cost of the SMS depends on your phone plan with your operator.

    • You can use your mobile to call everywhere in the world
    • Funziona da tutti i telefoni cellulari
    • You save up to 95% compared to a call directly made through your phone company
    • No calling fee
    • No subscription
    • No software necessary

    If you use Callback SMS from abroad, you’re phone company will apply international roaming fees.
You can use several Voip Apps to call with GlooboVoIP, like 3CX, BRIA, Portgo or others, following these steps:

  • Iscriviti a GlooboVoIP
  • Configura i parametri con questi dati:
    • username: il tuo cellulare comprensivo del prefisso internazionale
    • password: la tua password GlooboVoIP
    • proxy server: voip.igloobo.com